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About Us @ RainforestOverview of Rainforest Kennels

Rainforest is a small hobby kennel and aviary located about an hour outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  In addition to our regular "nine to five" jobs, we invest a lot of time and energy in breeding the best Collies and Budgerigars possible, both as show and companion animals.  This is accomplished with the able assistance of our seventeen-year-old son Kristopher, the best puppy socializer around!

We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places on this planet.  Just check out the photos in this section to see some of our gorgeous mountain views

Mountains 1 Image

Our name was chosen because when you live in the Pacific Northwest, you do live in a rainforest.  We live far enough away from Vancouver to be in the country but close enough to the city to enjoy all the conveniences of living in a major metropolitan center.

Mountains 2

Why Collies?

Our interest in the breed started back in the 1950's, when Susan's parents purchased a 'ball of fluff'  from the Farmer's Market held in New Westminster, B.C., every Sunday.  Their house had just been built and they did what any self-respecting family did, they bought a dog!  (Not much later, they decided kids would be a good idea too)  These pictures show Susan's mother with a their new puppy called Ruff, both as a young puppy and at four months.

Susan's Mother Ruff

Of course, times have changed since then and we know that puppies should be purchased from knowledgable, reputable breeders but that original puppy is what started Susan's love for Collies.

We have been active in the Collie breed since 1981.  Our first collieShilo, Bayview's Shiloh, was purchased as a companion from local breeder Judy Perron of Bayview Collies.  Shiloh was everything a Collie should be: loving, intelligent, beautiful.  As long as he lived, he was the one that visitors looking for an addition to their family admired.  He gets his picture in this section.  Never meant to be a show dog, he introduced us to the world of showing dogs and we have not looked back since.

The other pages in this Website showcase our dogs and their accomplishments.  We do not boast about the number of champions produced, being firm believers in the "quality, not quantity" theory of breeding.  We breed at most an average of two litters a year.   Our dogs are also our companions; we are extremely proud of their show accomplishments but are equally proud of their qualities that make them wonderful family additions; sweet, loving, loyal, beautiful and intelligent.

We concentrate our efforts on the Specialty ring.  We have bred dogs that have won the Collie Club of Canada National, won their classes at the Collie Club of America Specialty and have won many awards at specialties in Canada and the United States.

In addition to showing, we believe in supporting the breed clubs.  Susan has held many offices in the both the Collie Club of Canada (Past President, Past Treasurer) and the Collie Club of British Columbia (current President, past Treasurer, Vice-President and Area Director).  We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club, the Collie Club of Canada, Collie Club of British Columbia and Collie Club of America.

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Susan, Jim & Kristopher Bertrand
Abbotsford, BC Canada

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